25 Ways to Cut Off Deforestation 🤗🌳🌱🌿☘🙈🙉🙊

Hey ya little ecology warrior ! Today, let’s talk about deforestation.

All of us, we like oxygen, nature, animals and people. So we gonna give you 25 ways to cut off deforestation !

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We reeeaaaally like trees too

1-Reduce or stop consuming meat and animal products.

Animals don’t want GMO soya that grows in what used to be Amazon Forest.

2-Boycott palm oil

If you don’t buy this Nutella, you will be allowed to say hi to this orangutan.

3-Choose an ecologic and ethic bank

Your money won’t be used to finance ecocide projects when it’s invested.

4-Abandon your car

Tires are made from hevea, rubber tree. Biofuels are made with palm oil or food that grows in deforested places. And roads aren’t forest friendly either.

5-Check the provenance and production conditions of veggie alternatives

Lobbies are deforesting to produce in awful conditions avocadoes, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, almonds, coconut, soya, cocoa, cashew nuts. So check and choose fairtrade and local if you can.

6-Use the app BuyorNot to purchase wooden products.

Check brands and their commitment.

7-Stop smoking

No, I don’t worry about your lungs, tobacco is planted and dried thanks to deforestation.

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est ades.gif
Yeah we know, it’s irritating

8-Shop in a CSA

We explain everything here.

To eat seasonal local et ethical products.

9-Use a search engine that is ecological like Ecosia

It plants trees with your researches.

10- Supports associations that protect forests and replant trees whose essences are diversified

11-Travel less but better with transportation less polluating

(bikes, trains, etc…) and militate for more accessible public transports. Geographically and financially.

12-Build your own furnitures from old carboard or recycled products

(pallet boards, wooden scrap, old furnitures)

13-Recycle paper and choose it produced from sustainably managed forests.

Write many times on it, double sided prints, put it in recycling bins or recycle yourself.

14-Say no to commercials and adds

Put a sticked no ads on your mailbox (legal version). For the illegal version, see with Extinction Rebellion.

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est stop-pub.jpg
This, ain’t the legal version 😉

15-Borrow books or buy it second hand

Libraries are so cool !

16-Refuse receipts

Anyway we know that you don’t read these little papers full of Bisphenol-A.

17-Take a local and recycled TP like Popee in France

18- Use alternative and zero waste TP

Newspaper, washcloth, shower head, sew washable toilet paper squares (respect…)

19- Being part of a fire watch project

20-Revegetate your city (legal version)

Ask for a permit if your city requires it and promise to take care of your plantation.

21-Be part of the guerilla garden (illegal version)

Seeds bombs, dislodge the cobblestones

22-Create a tiny forest like in Netherlands with the concepts of Shubhendu Sharma and Akira Miyawaki.

23-Sport and inform yourself on the Great Useless and Ecocidary projects

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est dc3a9forestation.gif
Your reaction when you see this project of parking in your forest

24-Fight against them with a collective like Avaaz, GreenPeace, WWF, Alternatiba, etc… (legal version)

Petitions, strikes, boycotts and other actions

25-Join a Civil Desobediance structure like Extinction Rebellion

Blocking actions, ZAD, painting, etc… You’ll have to precise until what point you want to go, nobody’s gonna force you, and you’ll be informed on what you risk at every action.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading little warrior ! Feel free to give us a like, a comment, subscribe on our page and on our youtube chain, and share our tips ! Hugs !

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